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Some fun stuff to report…

The 9,000th sales advice was submitted by Rosehill Reality: 3 November 2017

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8,000 sales advice submitted by Handle Property Group Pty Ltd: 3 October 2015

7,000 sales advice submitted by McKenzie Bond Pty Ltd: 8 August 2014

6,000 sales advice was submitted by Handle Property Group Pty Ltd: 1 November 2013

5,000 sales advice was submitted by Oskar Peterson: 23 May 2013


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AffordAssist uses: PropertyCompass® and CPx platforms, to provide an Affordability Program for First-Home Buyers. First-home buyers can buy a property with no-deposit. AffordAssist is powered by:
About AffordAssist
  1. First-home buyers: Can buy a property with no-deposit.
  2. Developers: Can make more owner occupier sales: Fixed low flat-fee per sale. The Australian real estate industry and first-home buyers are in need of heroes: Can we count you in?
  3. Property sellers: Expand your selling options.
  4. Buy/ sell: Any residential property with the AffordAssist proprietary agreement.
  5. Join the teamGet approved: Work with us to help first-home buyers:
    • Mortgage brokers: Can get access to AffordAssist properties; and
    • Real estate agents: Can list with AffordAssist and/or get access to AffordAssist properties.

Please click here for overview:  http://www.affordassist.com

Thank you
Anthony Aoun

Want to improve your opportunities to increase property sales? PropertyCompass® offers two significant industry-first solutions to help you do just that!

In this release:

  1. Property Compass® expands on the Networking and sale generation capabilities of the platform by introducing the concept of ‘Graded Properties’. Request an independent grade and report (IPR) on any listed property.
  2. Upload property lists to registered external sites


1. Grading a property | industry-first solution

Graded is a smart, new concept in the world of real estate.

An Independent Property Review (IPR) is the ideal report for astute buyers and proactive sellers.

Compiled independently by leading property experts at Propell National Valuers Pty Ltd, an Independent Property Review (IPR) includes expert commentary on a property and provides a score and grade for quick and easy property comparisons and accurate due diligence.


The grade works like a hotel star rating. It provides the disclosure buyers/ advisers need to find the right property.


Acting as an independent property rating system, the property grade allows you to evaluate individual properties based on historical growth rate, price risk, demographics, internal floor plan flow, street scape/traffic flow, parking and outdoor space; so you can evaluate and compare properties most suited to you quickly and easily.


How it works

  • Members of a Property List can request a property be graded
  • The Lister is notified of the request and can view all requests when managing the listing
  • The Lister may Order at any time an Independent Property Review (IPR) and choose to publish the results
  • The Grade and Score are extracted from the IPR results are made visible in the Property List
  • Members that have requested a property be graded will automatically be notified when the results are published
  • Members of a Property List can now view and search for Graded Properties

For more information view the IPR product page/ website


2. Upload property lists to registered external sites industry-first solution

Property Compass® becomes even more useful when you can integrate external websites and platforms with your data and activity. Property Compass® can be set up to automatically upload data to external servers. This is useful if you want to use your Property Compass data:

  • On your own website/ app or
  • Your business partner website/ app

This  industry-first solution make it effortless to integrate your listed and aggregated properties onto several portals / apps; with live property status updates. Additional flexibility allows a listing to be placed in multiple lists; thus publishing your selected lists to several sites anywhere in the world.


Thank you
Anthony Aoun


As a result of the great uptake for the PropertyCompass® FREE Real Estate Portal Uploader; ‘Master’ Galen has been kept busy with all the feedback.  

In this release:

1. New publishing destinations
2. Uploading to company websites
3. Improved importing
4. Listing activity
5. Delegated listing management


1. New Publishing Destinations

Total publishing destinations now include:

  • centralpropertyexchange.com.au
  • domain.com.au
  • homely.com.au
  • realestate.com.au
  • realestateview.com.au
  • reiwa.com.au
  • thehomepage.com.au


2. We now support uploading listings to Company Websites

  • Contact us for costs and details
  • We support uploading listings over the following protocols:
    • FTP, HTTP attachments or HTTP posts.
  • We support uploading listings in the following formats:
    • PCJSON – Full listing information direct from Property Compass
    • REAXML – Restricted listing information in the standard REAXML format
3. Better support importing listings from legacy Property Compass®
4. Listing Activity
We’ve added an activity log listings so you can easily view the history of key changes made against a listing. This log can also show important publishing errors that can inform you on why an update may not have been reflected on an advertising site.
Some advertising sites have stricter rules than what we apply in Property Compass in the below screen shot an update failed to REIWA because the SOLD property did not include a Sold Price and Sold Date. For Property Compass and other advertising sites this restriction does not exist.
Inline images 1



5. Delegated Listing Management

You can now grant other users the ability to modify SALES related Listing information.

Specifically :

  • Headline
  • Description
  • Inspection Times
  • Auction Time
  • Price
  • Contacts

Inline images 2

Thank you
Anthony Aoun


This release of Property Compass enables Listers the ability to create Property Lists.

  • A Property List is a grouping of listings selected by the Lister for the purpose of collaborating with others
  • The Lister can invite external affiliates to ‘follow’ the Property List simply by providing an e-mail address
  • Attach supporting documents
  • Followers can view the listing details, view the history and receive live updates on status and price changes as they happen
  • Followers can also download the Property List in a ‘price list’ format and even choose to have this delivered over e-mail each morning


There is much need for OVER-excitement right-here…. this is an amazing new module for:

  • Developers
  • Project marketers
  • Wholesale property list operators/ Property aggregators
  • …any business person wanting access to live property price lists



BEST of all

  • Open FREE account
  • No SETUP fees; save many thousands of dollars compared to other services
  • No property sale fees
  • No monthly subscription fees
  • Unlimited listing
  • Unlimited members
  • Instant access
  • Live updates



The hassle of keeping your price lists and your network up to date is now over:

  • No need for weekly excel price list/ emails
  • No more out-dated spread sheets/ tables
  • No more phone calls to confirm availability
  • No more frustrations with re-allocating a sale
  • No more buyers dissatisfaction or potential lost sales because of inaccurate information
  • No need to link your network to a Dropbox style system
  • No need to send separate attachments



We are pleased to offer you a better way to manage your price lists; an online real-time solution, features include:

  • Manage property statuses
  • Create unlimited Price Lists
  • Add unlimited properties
  • Link unlimited members simply with an email account
  • Status changes remain with the original property lister
  • Updates are communicated to your linked members instantly
  • Import your existing lists
  • Accessible via phone, tablet or computer
  • Email notifications
  • Settings to alter notification frequency and type
  • Followers can view the listing details, view the history and receive live updates on status and price changes as they happen
  • Followers can also download the Property List in a ‘price list’ format and even choose to have this delivered over e-mail each morning



The new Price Lists module will be offered for a fee-free period. Save time, money, frustrations and improve your B2B network experience; test-drive it today. Click here to open a free account.





Dear All

As we have previously announced the PropertyCompass® application is being rebuilt module by module; our newest module is: Projects (please see summary below)

Commonly projects are used for developments and apartment blocks to group listings together for easier management.

Projects are optional and generally should be used to group common listings together.

We have found that most advertising platforms do not have great support for Project based listings. We are working together with these platforms to improve that support. In the mean time, Project information is not sent to the advertising platforms.

Click here to open a FREE account https://app.propertycompass.com.au/

Thank you
Anthony Aoun

Upload & Manage Your Property Sales List FREE With PropertyCompass® Listing


The PropertyCompass® Listing is a very simple to use residential* property listing application with two powerful functions:

1)            Bulk-uploads to main real estate advertising web sites

2)            Manages property sales statuses

*includes residential property, rural and land for sale.
PropertyCompass Listing menu


Open Your FREE Account and Get Started Today!


PropertyCompass® Listing uploads to:

  • centralpropertyexchange.com.au  [free advertising site]
  • domain.com.au 
  • realestate.com.au
  • realestateview.com.au



More sites will be progressively added.  If you let us know your preferred site we can look at including it too.

Open Your FREE Account and Get Started Today!

Manage Property Sales Status

Managing your property sales status has never been easier.  Simply log in by mobile phone, tablet or desktop; two clicks and your work is done.  All sites will be updated with your new information automatically.  It really is as simple as that!

PropertyCompass Manage Listings


Open Your FREE Account and Get Started Today!

Mobile functionality

  • Using your tablet you can add a property whilst on-site, or doing an inspection.  Take photos and instantly upload them against a property listing.
  • Login with your mobile phone and update a property sales status instantly from your office, in traffic or with clients.

PropertyCompass Manage Listings


Open Your FREE Account and Get Started Today!


Bulk import your listings from file* directly into your PropertyCompass® Listing account with ease.

*Includes REAXML file format


Ideal for:

  • Property Owners
  • Independent Agents
  • Property Developers/ Builders
  • Real Estate Agencies/ Franchise Groups

NOT suitable for:

If you are looking for an all-in-one-platform to manage commercial property, rentals, to send emails, CRM and to manage your sales team, etc. the PropertyCompass® Listing is NOT suitable for you.




  • Bulk import your listings
  • Manage property sales statuses
  • Desktop, Tablet and Mobile friendly
  • The PropertyCompass® Listing is FREE
  • Simple to use software that is super fast
  • Bulk-uploading to real estate advertising sites
  • Residential property, land and rural property sales
  • Save $$$ per annum by switching to the PropertyCompass® Listing

Open Your FREE Account and Get Started Today!


Download PDF copy of this page



Dear all,

Some fun stuff to report…

The 8,000th sales advice was submitted by Handle Property Group Pty Ltd: 3 October 2015

…a reminder on the previous posts

7,000 sales advice submitted by McKenzie Bond Pty Ltd: 8 August 2014

6,000 sales advice was submitted by Handle Property Group Pty Ltd, 1 November 2013

5,000 sales advice was submitted by Oskar Peterson, 23 May 2013


Thank you

The PropertyCompass® S3 now includes Build Packages

This newest enhancement is ideal for property Listers (developers and agents) selling house and land packages as it caters for multiple schedules, facades and associated pricing. See image below for placement of menu

Example: Lot 1, Smith Street

  • Schedule 1 + Facade 1 – $350,000
  • Schedule 2 + Facade 1 + $30,000
  • Schedule 3 + Facade 2 + $50,000

Based on the selection, the property selling price is displayed and recorded in the sales advice. Business Admin are able to amend the selection when needed. The reports have been updated to reflect the build options and prices

Creating your catalogue of floor plans can be done effortlessly; to be used on multiple properties in multiple locations saving effort and time when listing additional properties.

This new easy to use layout is result of our latest code developments and an example of the coding-direction PropertyCompass® will be providing for other future enhancements.


S3 main functionality also include…

Load unlimited properties/projects
Publish to PropertyCompass® Marketplace
Property investment calculator
Property investment reports
Allocation properties
Aggregate properties
Members/affiliates log-ins
Deal Management
Management reports
Export properties

Finding the right property location just got easier, with your FREE Historical Growth Research app

Click here to view, Sample screens

Best Performaning | Map | Report | View sample PDF report | Mobile screen


Analyse a postcode at the touch of a button

There is a lot to consider when deciding whether a property is right for you. Perhaps one of the most important considerations is the area you choose to buy in. As the saying goes, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!

Get it right and you are laughing all the way to the bank. Get it wrong and it may have disastrous consequences on your long-term capital growth and rental return.


See if an area is growing at a glance

When it comes to choosing a suburb to buy in there are two key factors you ought to consider – population growth and capital growth.

With house prices driven by demand, the population of an area can have dramatic impact on its capital growth, resale value and rental demand.

To help you analyse this properly your free* Historical Growth Research not only shows you the population of a postcode, but the percentage change so you can see at a glance if people are moving to or leaving an area.

A fact that could save or make you thousands!

But it doesn’t stop there. Your free Historical Growth Research shows you the capital growth and decline of a postcode over the same historical-data period.


View by performance, map or report

Whether you want to evaluate the postcode of a shortlisted property or you are trying to find the next investment ‘hot spot’ the free Historical Growth Research can help.

Giving you the ability to view on map or search by postcode, state, population growth and capital growth, whilst presenting the information in an easy to read graph and table layout, your free Historical Growth Research can quickly give you the information you need to make smarter financial decisions.


Quick and easy due diligence

A word of caution: future predictions cannot be determined by past performance for any asset class. However, not doing any analysing on a postcode’s past capital growth and population prior to selecting an area / property may result with disastrous consequence.

Free Historical Growth Research can help with your due diligence and alert you to any potential factors that may need to be followed up with an Independent Property Review


Accurate information from reliable data sources

In order to provide you with the most accurate information, all population data is soured from the Australian Bureau of Statistics with historical property data supplied by Residex.

What’s more the free Historical Growth Research provides information from 2001 to present, a data period of over 14 years in order to take into account property market fluctuations.


A powerful selling tool

Looking for a different way to pitch your property? Want to stand out from the hundreds of other sellers and developers?

Perform free Historical Growth Research on the postcode your property or development is located in and add a copy to your sales kit. You might just find the summary gives you extra leverage in selling your property!


Did we mention it was free?

Your free Historical Growth Research is just the click of a button away. Give it a go today and make your property due diligence quick and easy.


*Fair use policy applies

Posted by: Anthony Aoun, Founder