Looking to buy or sell residential property?

An Independent Property Review is the ideal report for astute buyers and proactive sellers who want to appeal to the financial services industry.

Property Review

Compiled independently by leading property experts at Propell National Valuers Pty Ltd, an Independent Property Review includes expert commentary on a property and provides a score and grade for quick and easy property comparisons and accurate due diligence.


Open your sale up to another 100,000 professionals

Did you know there are over 100,000 financial professionals representing potentially 10,000,000 clients (estimated 100 x 100,000) who maybe your best source for property buyers?

So how do you appeal to these cashed up, financially savvy, action takers you might ask? By giving them what they want – independent facts that have been lacking until now.

Whether you are selling your family home or your next development, an Independent Property Review gives you a way to differentiate from the thousands of other property sellers by making your property suitably presented for professionals – a significant untapped channel!


Make smart and easy property comparisons

With so much marketing hype and agents’ loyalty to sellers, how do you know what information you can trust and if it really is a good deal? An Independent Property Review helps you create a level playing field when comparing properties.

While you can purchase an Independent Property Review yourself, we would suggest that this information should be made freely available to you as a property buyer. With this in mind, why not ask your advisor, developer or property seller to provide you with a free copy - after all it might just get you to sign on the dotted line!


Empower and expand your sales channels

The Independent Property Review can be used to:

  • Compliment your research and marketing sales pack
  • Empower your sales channels with a valuable tool
  • Appeal to financial services industry; a significant untapped channel
  • Reduce cost of sales commissions

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And, increase direct buyer enquiries


A quick and easy way to qualify properties

How much time could you save if a ‘critical’ part of the property research was done for you – and it was independent? What if all you had to do was compare and present clients with the properties that best suit their criteria?

Whether you are a financial advisor presenting wealth creation opportunities, an accountant looking over the numbers, a solicitor doing due diligence, a mortgage broker pitching for a loan or simply want to invest with your Self Managed Super Fund, an Independent Property Review can make your job much easier.

Adding property to your product list or short-listing properties has never been easier!


A faster and easier way to sell property

When you operate in an industry as competitive as the real estate industry you need to differentiate from competitors to secure new listings and sales – and it starts by adding value to both the seller and the buyer.

An Independent Property Review gives you another sales tool in your arsenal. Not only does it allow you to qualify buyers so you can avoid time wasters, it also allows helps you appeal to investors and financial professionals – a very profitable market to build relationships with.

Just imagine it, you send off an email to your database of would-be buyers and investors with an Independent Property Review on the new property you’ve listed. They open it up and it has all of the facts and figures they want, an independent grading and detailed commentary on the location, neighbourhood, rentability and more – how much quicker and easier would sales be?



Unlike other industry computer-generated reports, which contain historical data only. The Independent Property Review is compiled independently by leading property experts. This unique method combines years of real estate knowledge and professional experience in every report.

Allow 2-5 days for delivery


Score & Grade












Environmental Issues


Supporting Data

A small price for peace of mind

Whether you are looking to find the right property or reach the right buyer, an Independent Property Review could be one of the smartest decisions you make.

Give yourself the best chance at finding a good investment or making an easy sale by ordering your Independent Property Review for just $550 – it could make or save you thousands!

Customer Stories

CPx has made it mandatory to have an Independent Property Review for every property listed to help sellers and protect buyers. This independent information is made available on all listed properties in-place-of the vendor or agents supplied description. John DoeCentralPropertyExchange.com.au (CPx)